3+ Things to Know About Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning is not the end of learning, it’s another piece of the pie. It allows your employees to learn where it makes the most sense for them - where the work gets done. If you don’t have a mobile digital learning system set up, here’s what to look for:

Multi Platform

The days of browser lock-in should be over and done with. Some of your learners might have iPads while others use Android phones, and if your mobile learning system doesn’t work on all smart devices you risk declining employee engagement. You can try to mitigate this issue by standardizing on a certain type of hardware but in today’s competitive mobile marketplace, you can be sure that someone somewhere will need to view the material on a non-standard device. It’s best to plan for platform-agnostic mobile learning systems from the outset.

On-Device Storage

Just because devices are mobile doesn’t mean everything should stream. Streaming all content is a burden on the network, especially if there are mission-critical items that depend on connectivity, such as point-of-sale systems or credit card authorizations. Mobile storage isn’t the issue it once was, compression algorithms have solved that, and if you have your own devices you can make sure there’s plenty of room for training material.

Anytime Learning

Of course learning can happen anywhere, which also frees up learning to happen at any time. When mobile learning is combined with micro-learning, staff members can make use of slow spells to brush up on or extend their skills. Micro-learning is lessons and content that are cut down to essential bits of information that can be viewed and absorbed in 5 minutes or less. Since micro-lessons don’t make a large demand on the employee’s schedule or location, they’re perfect for a quick burst of knowledge.

Keep in mind that your employees and students will still benefit from longer-form courses in a more conventional learning environment. Some concepts take time and concentration to fully understand. Mobile learning doesn’t preclude long-form courses, but extends and augments your existing LMS App.

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