xAPI - The Learning Application That's Ready for Change

xAPI - The Learning Applicaiton That's Ready for Change
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xAPI data is the learning application that will embrace change and guide your company to success through advanced data collection and documentation techniques.

What is xAPI data?

xAPI is an experience API specifically created for communication and documentation activities, which are required for modern learning techniques. The application was explicitly created by ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) to be used in conjunction with modern learning experiences.

If you are unfamiliar with the acronym, API stands for application program interface and is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as "A set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service."

To put it as clearly as possible, xAPI is a learning application that is embedded into a program to more effectively communicate with various operating systems, applications, or programs. Advanced communication between programs enables xAPI systems to gather and employ important information most efficiently.

For example, PlayerLync applies xAPI to continuously track and document the effectiveness of training strategies and to transform the data into legible reports- which can then be utilized to analyze and assess performance.

xAPI Data Collection

The collection of data, in terms of learning, is critical to ensuring success. As you know, employees are one of your most valuable resources, given that their advancement leads to a much greater opportunity for company success.  xAPI data can be utilized to collect and document information which you can use to effectively determine the best learning techniques. Applying this information to the development of training material will lead to a more prolific strategy, resulting in more productive employees, and ultimately improving the overall efficiency of business operations.

xAPI is Built for Change

An article from Management Study Guide expertly describes the need for continuous training in the workplace.

"Change leads to the need for training and development and training and development leads to individual and organizational change, and the cycle goes on and on. More specifically it is the technology that is driving the need; changing the way how businesses function, compete and deliver."

Through the incorporation of xAPI data, we have developed a way to combat this unending cycle. Rather than continuously sending employees through training programs to keep up with rapid changes in the industry, you can utilize microlearning technology for continuous learning. This way, employees are always up-to-date and can keep up with the ever-changing industry requirements. You can utilize xAPI data to track the success or failures of these learning programs as they develop, saving you and your employees time and resources.

Our e-book, Learn, Communicate & Measure - How to Build a Future-Proof Learning Ecosystem is a resource that will not only show you how data can be utilized to build success but will help you understand the difference between training and learning. xAPI is more than a program. Its the integration that makes continuous learning successful. 

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