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People are constantly challenged with new problems, or better put, nuanced problems. The problem itself isn’t exactly new, it’s a variant, a familiar issue at the core but with a slightly new set of surrounding circumstances. The surrounding circumstances are just different enough that people want additional perspective, support or even just reassurance to tackle the issue confidently. And, therein rests a company’s greatest opportunity to influence human capital and business potential. Companies can provide the path to change or the learning, even the newest skills, through a repetitive “warm bath” approach, versus using the classic “jumping into a cold pool” formalized training method. Learning doesn’t have to remove people from an environment and reinsert them only once they’ve learned sufficient information to succeed. Learning can take on a much more evolutionary approach, one that uses minor successes to advance towards more revolutionary knowledge.

It’s the point of execution.It’s that moment when employees have a requirement to turn to a resource, whether that be technology, resource content or simply another person. It’s a collaborative moment and crossroad where need intersects enablement. Over the last 10 years, technology has given people immediate access to performance support tools and as a result the frequency to quickly collaborate, check information or view a quick video tutorial is becoming the norm at work. Thanks Internet, thanks mobile technology, thanks Steven Jobs.

With the new training modalities being instant learning, micro-learning and performance support, companies that are truly seeking the winning edge need to not only train their teams in tech and design skills (as this article suggests) but also lead their teams there by embedding advanced learning requirements into logical task flows or via subtle reminders of how problems might be solved. By doing this, companies can take a more guiding approach to arming their people with information and processes and ultimately influence individual learning and corporate results.

Today, if there’s a problem with the heat or hot water in your hotel room, you call the front desk and wait for maintenance to arrive. At some chains, you have the option of reporting the issue using a mobile device. But in the near future, many hotel rooms will be wired with connected devices that report potential breakdowns to maintenance and may even automatically fix them. 


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