Questions to Ask Before Researching a New LMS

By: Carrie McFarland on October 24, 2017


Learning management systems are perfect for not only training, but optimizing and tracking the performance of staff. Taking advantage of this new technology can help retain employees, save money, and of course, boost business. However, as there are a range of systems out there, here are some tips to encourage success in transitioning to LMS.

What Do Employees Want from an LMS?

It’s simple - ask the people using the system what they’d like to get out of a Learning Management System. Companies who use an LMS have higher retention rates because their staff feels valued and motivated to improve, and this can begin with including them in the selection process.

In addition to asking employees, consider the employees themselves. Are they technically capable of using such a system without a lot of direction? Industries that attract younger employees may get away with using more involved LMS systems, since younger generations are more comfortable with tech.

Who Takes Care of Support and Maintenance?

Remember to inquire about what kind of support a vendor offers. Is there a free trial on offer, and will they provide a demonstration? Who will be setting up the new LMS, and who will be responsible for maintaining it? Have a good idea of how involved the vendor will be in getting started.

From there, envision what purpose this Learning Management System will serve a few years down the road. Will it still be relevant to the business? It’s also helpful to know if the system will require frequent updates, and if anyone on the team can execute these updates.

What Are the Goals? What Kind of Data Is Needed to Help Achieve These Goals?

Going in knowing what kind of features will be most beneficial prevents any buyer’s remorse from taking hold. Should the Learning Management System have mobile capabilities? What learning strategies are best for the team - games, instructional videos, or something else?

What owners and managers learn from a Learning Management System is important as well. Choosing a system that produces the kind of data needed to make improvements can ultimately serve the businesses’ goals. A basic list of what functions and data are most desirable can help narrow the list drastically once research is underway.

More companies are turning to eLearning every day to increase positive outcomes in employment and profits. Choosing a Learning System that’s within budget and can evolve with a goal-oriented team is hands-down the best way to take any industry into the future.

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