The Anschutz Investment Co. Makes Strategic Investment Into PlayerLync

Funding Will Fuel Tablet Software Leader’s Expansion Into Other Industries

Denver, CO – PlayerLync announced today it has received additional financing from the Denver-based Anschutz Investment Co. to expand PlayerLync’s services and markets for the software that has allowed many professional and college sports teams to modernize and streamline their operations via iPad.

Already, 16 National Football League teams, including the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, plus numerous baseball, hockey and basketball teams (professional and college) have implemented the PlayerLync software platform.

The infusion of cash from The Anschutz Investment Co. will allow PlayerLync to make its product available to key industries such as retail and field services companies that need tablet-based, secure content management and simple yet powerful collaboration tools. Other targeted industries include media, medical and transportation.

PlayerLync allows clients to push and pull documents, images, and videos (such as game film) to players/employees/trainees, etc., synchronizing content even while the tablets sleep to ensure that users receive updates immediately and automatically. Online or offline, users can link videos to documents, and collaborate securely via text, image, and video messaging.

“We share PlayerLync’s vision for the future of these robust, easy-to-use collaboration tools; and we believe PlayerLync has the platform that Corporate America needs as tablets become increasingly common,” said Augie Cruciotti, Managing Director of The Anschutz Investment Co.

At its origin, PlayerLync saw two opportunities to benefit sports teams:

  • Elimination of manually burned DVDs, binders of playbooks and scouting reports.
  • Addition of secure collaboration tools that help teams win more games.

The iPad application saves paper, saves money, and provides tighter content security. The average NFL team last year transferred 70,000 files per month.

“We believe a large segment of Corporate America will benefit from the immediacy in which PlayerLync can update, guide, and track employees who would be better served by tablets,” said Bob Paulsen, PlayerLync co-founder. “If a restaurant group wants to adjust employee procedures to align with recent changes in the law, the company can simply edit a training video or task list and push it to the iPads to keep everyone current and consistent.”

Additionally, when the employee interacts with video or documents, management can validate that the employee completed the training.

PlayerLync currently works on iPads and Windows 8 tablets, with plans in place to support Android, too.

About PlayerLync

Founded in 2011, Englewood, Colo.-based PlayerLync provides the leading tablet-based platform to a rapidly evolving workforce that requires secure, mobile collaboration. The technology gives customers a way to advance beyond inefficient, paper-based communication and insecure video tools. The patent-pending, secure, real-time method of tablet-content synchronization creates the easiest, most efficient end-user experience. PlayerLync was founded by a team of proven entrepreneurs from the cloud / telecommunications industry. For more information, go to, or call 866-797-5678.