PlayerLync Publishes Guide to LMS Software Extensions

Industry Leader’s New E-Book Offers Companies Advice on Maximizing Their Existing Learning Management Systems


Denver, CO – PlayerLync, an industry leader in innovative, tablet-based video content and collaboration solutions, today announced it is releasing a new guide for companies looking to maximize the potential of their learning management systems. The e-book, Evaluating Enterprise Training Software Technologies: How to Power Championship Teams, is available for free download at

Corporate learning management systems can be a great asset to organizations looking to train their employees. However, many companies’ LMS platforms are years old, technologically insufficient, and very difficult to upgrade or replace. PlayerLync’s new e-book explains how an LMS extension can turn a struggling system into a powerful and generationally relevant solution for training and eLearning. The guide’s features include:

  • Problems and challenges that companies face with their existing learning management systems
  • Six factors, including tablet-based training, to consider when adapting an LMS extension
  • The benefits of extending your current LMS
  • Four features to look for in a training solution

“Many companies are stuck with LMS platforms that no longer serve their needs or the needs of their employees,” says Brian Vacanti, Vice President of Marketing of PlayerLync. “Yet, giving up on an LMS might not be the best option for some organizations. A better alternative might be to extend and enhance the capabilities of an existing system, adapting the platform to current technology and beyond. Our new e-book explores the many possibilities an LMS extension can offer for companies seeking to maximize their training strategies and more effectively engage their employees.”

For additional information about this new e-book or PlayerLync’s innovative products, visit the company’s website at

About PlayerLync
PlayerLync is the first tablet-based automatic video and document content delivery and control platform that enables timely, contextual collaboration among widespread workforces. PlayerLync allows organizations to push and pull content over any network to live locally on team tablets for native offline access.

The PlayerLync platform was originally developed for professional sports teams to rapidly share and collaborate on complex playbooks and high-quality game video without the need for an ongoing Internet connection. The PlayerLync Enterprise Edition is now available to support teams in training, operations and corporate communications across a variety of industries including restaurant, retail, construction, financial services, media and entertainment, healthcare and anywhere video and other content needs to be shared across widespread workforces for collaboration.

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