PlayerLync Publishes Guide for Training Millennials

Industry Leader’s New E-Book Details How Companies Can Prepare for a Workplace Revolution Already in Progress

Denver, CO – PlayerLync, the industry leader in innovative, tablet-based collaboration solutions, today announced it is publishing a guide to help companies ready their training processes for the continued influx of millennial employees into the workplace. The e-book, Preparing for the Corporate Training Revolution in 2016 and Beyond, is available for free download at

A workplace revolution is occurring: Millennials now comprise the majority of American employees, and by 2025, they will make up 75 percent of the workforce. As this shift continues, companies will need to adjust and innovate their processes to reflect the priorities and attitudes this younger generation brings to the workplace. Corporate training is one area that businesses must adapt, and PlayerLync’s new e-book details what organizations can do to prepare for the revolution in progress. Among the guide’s features:

  • Five trends that companies face with the surge of millennial employees
  • Six challenges organizations struggle with when training their workers
  • Five reasons why mobile training technology can be the answer for businesses looking to transform their training processes
  • Seven benefits of using a mobile training solution

“The corporate training revolution poised for 2016 and beyond will dynamically change how organizations onboard, develop, and empower their employees,” says Bob Paulsen, CEO and co-founder of PlayerLync. “Companies that embrace this change will find themselves at an incredible advantage over ones that choose to maintain their status quos. Our new e-book details what businesses can do in advance of this revolution in order to maximize their training processes and, ultimately, productivity and profits.”

For additional information about this new e-book or PlayerLync, visit the company’s website at

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