PlayerLync Brings Quality Service to FiveStar’s Training Strategy

FiveStar chooses PlayerLync’s Mobile Workforce Enablement Platform to Bolster Store, and Employee Performance

PlayerLync is excited to partner with FiveStar as its Mobile Workforce Enablement platform to help bolster communication, training, and employee engagement in its stores.

FiveStar, with more than 80 locations in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, is known for its fresh food and excellent customer experience. Now, by partnering with PlayerLync, FiveStar will enhance the operational capabilities of its mobile workforce. As Meredith Goodin, FiveStar Human Resources said, “We’ve grown as a company and have seen the need to change our approach. PlayerLync will assist getting messages out consistently and engage all types of employees. With ages ranging from 16 to 77 years, PlayerLync will provide the training and operational support employees want.”

PlayerLync, the leading provider in Mobile Workforce Enablement solutions, is pioneering how frontline workforces interact with company information. Having started in the NFL, PlayerLync is now an industry leader for restaurant and retail organizations, helping their frontline workforces receive the information they need, where and when it’s needed.

As Bob Paulsen, CEO of PlayerLync, said, “We are excited to launch this partnership with an outstanding thought leader like FiveStar. Their family-like culture and focus on delivering an exceptional quality experience has been a core to their success along the way. We are thrilled to work together as they continue to expand their footprint and their services to leverage our Mobile Workforce Enablement platform, guaranteeing that every frontline employee has the personalized video rich information at their fingertips at all times.”

FiveStar’s management now has unmatched visibility into how its workforce, and stores, are performing. PlayerLync provides management with direct communication to the frontline, overcoming the challenge of reaching employees without company email. Management can monitor and assess which training and operational content is being engaged with, change or adjust processes as needed, and use videos to further enhance their training strategy.

“With PlayerLync, we are able to utilize videos with our eLearning courses, an initiative we have wanted to implement for some time.  We are excited about our partnership with PlayerLync and the possibilities they will provide for our organization.”, states Meredith Goodin.

About PlayerLync

PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that helps companies ensure that every frontline employee has the personalized and timely information they need to do their job, delivered automatically through their mobile device. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, our solution provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker at their point of need.

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About FiveStar

Newcomb Oil Co., LLC, DBA FiveStar, was founded in 1924 by J.C. Newcomb as an agent for Gulf Refining Company.  In the 1980’s, Newcomb Oil Co. began operating convenience stores named FiveStar. Today, the company remains family-owned with more than 80 stores.  The corporate headquarters are in Bardstown, Kentucky. FiveStar focuses on being “Fueled by Excellence”, with fast, friendly service and a commitment to providing clean restrooms in the most convenient locations.

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