Learning Management System Comparison: How to Prioritize Features

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Learning Management Systems are in high demand, especially for companies that want to turn their business into a high-impact learning organization through the use of micro learning, social learning, and more.

As we all know, high-impact learning organizations reap numerous benefits including greater organizational alignment, higher employee retention rates, greater employee job satisfaction, brand consistency, and consumer satisfaction.

There are viable Learning Management Systems on the market, however, understanding how your organization should benefit, and what your organization needs to gain from the Learning Management System you choose should be the guidance force as to which system will be best for your company.

However, when it comes to Learning Management Systems comparisons, as many companies already know, the features should dictate your ultimate decision.

But, how should you prioritize features?

Beware of Bloated Software

Just keep in mind, the Learning Management System that offers the most features does not make it the right system for you. Most doesn’t always mean better. The LMS you choose should offer only the latest and most efficient learning features such as micro learning, gamification, and more.

Software that boasts numerous features can quickly turn into a complicated LMS that will have to undergo intensive customization and bypassing in order to best utilize the features you need.

So, during your LMS comparison, look for only the features that will effectively meet your goals, and will provide only the best learning experience for your employees. Mobile learning, gamification, and social learning are features that offer the best ROI.

Organizational Assessments

When your search begins, you should always start out by assessing your organizational needs. Decide what your company should gain from this system. What you would like to accomplish. Keep in mind both short-term and long-term goals.

In other words, the Learning Management System comparison should prioritize based on requirements. However, these requirements should also reflect the employee culture of your company. In some cases, an LMS that offers gamification can prove to be invaluable.

Reduce Complexity

Finally, when it comes to the features your Learning Management System offers, be cautious of its complexity.

An overly complex LMS effectively diminishes the learning experience, carries a high probability of creating unnecessary setbacks, and can delay milestones.

This is counterproductive and can ultimately do more damage than actual good. This is where micro learning features really excel.

In Conclusion

You should first run an internal assessment, organizing your companies short and long-term requirements. You should also focus on features that address those needs, being wary of bloated software. The features offered should be streamlined and focus on what your organization needs. An LMS that offers features that boast gamification, social learning, microlearning, video, and mobile learning should always remain at the forefront of your feature prioritization.

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