Making Learning Work - Employee Training

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Great article on the major shift we are seeing in the employee learning industry. It is so important to be cognizant that just because we spend resources on employee training doesn't necessarily mean it was valuable. In this article from eLearning Industry, they discuss the major shift from "learn then work" to "learn from work." We also discuss this shift in our most recent eBook: Modernize your Business Operations: Move Beyond the LMS

"Making Learning Work 

When we think about helping people to do their jobs well, it seems natural to start with the premise that learning is necessary and should always come first.

After all, we have traveled this road from our childhood.

Most of us attended school from an early age. The objective of schooling of all kinds is to help children gain knowledge and skills, and to develop behaviors that will allow us to navigate our way in life. Schooling does this through structured curricula and a series of ‘gates’ or tests.

Once we reach a certain age and pass the required tests, we might move on to further schooling within college or university. On completing our assessments and gaining our qualifications there we can then set out to find a job where we can apply ourselves in our chosen careers.

This seems an almost natural process. We learn first and then we work. A huge global industry has built up around this approach.

But we are coming to the realization that in the context of organizational learning and learning organizations this is not the only, or necessarily the best, way to create high performing people and teams."