Modern Learning Software Leader, PlayerLync, Launches the First xAPI Solution Integration on Mobile Devices

Modern learning and mobile content leader, PlayerLync, brings the reality of xAPI to mobile devices for online and offline use.


Denver, CO – PlayerLync, the market leader in modern learning software for the mobile workforce, launched an innovative solution that combines the full capabilities of Experience API (xAPI), a functional LRS (Learning Record Store), and dashboard reporting within the core PlayerLync application. The complexities that have historically prevented teams from capitalizing on the benefits of using mobile devices to deliver rich media and video training at the point of need are no longer a barrier through PlayerLync’s unique and integrated solution.

“PlayerLync is excited to enhance our mobile content delivery, team management and offline content availability with powerful multi-source xAPI eLearning capabilities,” states Paul Bradley, head of Product at PlayerLync. “It’s a game changer for both users and anyone involved in learning content because it delivers on the promise of xAPI analytics that managers have been seeking for years. More importantly, it avoids the need to invest in separate LRS and reporting tools, and that means IT also avoids time-consuming systems deployments and data integration projects. Delivering eLearning content, tracking learner performance and managing the flow of learning data across complex organizations has never been easier.”

This first of its kind solution is easily deployed and creates a simplified means to collect and report on performance information at any level of an organization. From groups to individual learners, PlayerLync now gives learning departments, or even franchisors and franchisees, the ability to dashboard valuable information that’s critical to operational performance and improvement. Activity completion, behaviors, test results, compliance and even employee engagement can be correlated to yield insights for creating more effective learning content. Reporting is configurable so entities can choose only the information they want or need to see.

“Learning managers know how powerful xAPI can be within the performance environment, especially for mobile content delivery to teams that work on their feet. Customers view legacy LMS systems as inadequate and fossilized because they don’t fully mobility. We’ve essentially removed the complexity of leveraging xAPI so that managers can more easily focus on the things that matter most in today’s modern learning environments – learning, performance, improving customer experience and driving positive business outcomes,” concludes Gary Iles, head of Marketing at PlayerLync.

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About PlayerLync
PlayerLync is modern learning software that integrates mobility, digital forms, content distribution, and daily performance management into a single solution that helps operational teams deliver exceptional customer experiences. Deskless workers can communicate with one another and immediately access valuable information anywhere they need it, even with no or slow network connectivity. PlayerLync enhances or replaces your current LMS by introducing a data-rich mobile learning environment to your teams so that companies can adopt the next generation of learning and performance support solutions for mobile workers. For more information schedule a demo: