Mobile Learning Can Provide Valuable Employee Training

By: Kristin Howe on January 30, 2018


When you want to look up something online, or you want to check the latest news, do you reach for your smartphone or laptop? In most cases, you only have your smartphone around. But even if you are at work or at home, you will probably check your phone first. It has become a part of our culture to use our smartphones for almost everything, and it is something that not even the most enthusiastic mobile phone users could have predicted 15 years ago.

The shift that we are seeing from computers to smartphones, which is highlighted by the fact that more people use smartphones to search Google than computers, is also very useful for businesses. When a company is attempting to put employees through compliance training courses or set them up for continuous learning at the job, it is possible to use mobile learning to make this happen.

Mobile Learning and a Business

While we should not look at mobile training and think that it can completely replace the physical, classroom learning that a new employee would get, it can also help achieve much better engagement and information retention among employees. People use smartphones to check the weather, email, sports scores, political news and to play games. It would be second nature for many employees, especially millennials, to open up a website or app to access a bit of training content.

Many companies are going with a blended learning solution, where classroom and one-on-one training is being supplemented with digital courses that are accessible anywhere. It is even possible to incorporate game and social-based learning into the manuals, as it would result in much better information retention and employee interest.

Using a Top LMS

If any company is going to leverage mobile learning effectively, it will be important to find the right learning management system. The best LMS will not only allow for mobile learning to occur, but it will ensure that it is seamless. With the right LMS, a company can create interactive training courses and modules that are accessible on any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. This gives employees the freedom to use the device they find most comfortable to complete the courses.

Mobile learning can completely transform how businesses continually educate their employees. There is no doubt that it is the future of e-learning and the LMS.


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