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How to Integrate Corporate Training Materials into a LMS Extension

By: Brian Vacanti on September 26, 2014

Integrate-Corporate-Training-Materials Research conducted in 2010 by Expertus and Training Industry, Inc., found that 45 percent of responding organizations gave their learning management systems a grade of C, D, or F. Granted, that means 55 percent were satisfied with their LMSs, but still, almost half of the companies interviewed were dissatisfied. That’s a big swath of unhappy LMS customers, and considering the research is a few years old, it doesn’t take into account the technology advances that have made some systems seem obsolete.

Fortunately, extensions are available that can bring a LMS up to speed with 2014 technology and easily adapt corporate training materials to an existing system. An innovative solution can enhance your eLearning initiatives and, ultimately, increase productivity. Here are some ways to integrate corporate training materials into a LMS extension:

Choose the Right Extension

A LMS represents a significant investment made by your company, so any extension must provide maximum benefits in terms of upgradability, scalability, and technology. You don’t want to adopt a solution that falls short of today’s training requirements—you might be better off not extending your LMS in the first place. Seek an extension that supports mobile devices, automatic push/pull, and interactive eLearning strategies, and that also seamlessly adapts corporate training materials so that you are ready to roll soon after installation.

Eliminate the Paper Trail

A learning management system, and any subsequent extensions, should streamline the training process. Yet, all those three-ring binders and other printed corporate training materials are anything but efficient. Take advantage of an LMS extension’s capabilities by ditching the paper trail in favor of digital content. You still may need some of those training manuals, but at least they will not be taking up space in an office or costing money to print, and they will be more easily accessible by the employees who must read them.

Think Big by Thinking Small

Mobile devices, especially tablets such as iPads, are ideally suited to deliver eLearning content to employees. Adapting corporate training materials to more portable, more convenient technology opens up opportunities that didn’t seem possible as recently as five years ago. For example, interactive content can teach retail employees how to set up an elaborate store display, step by step. Workers receive their training on the floor or in the field, where the action is. In short, an LMS extension can expand the limits on how employees learn their jobs. In no time, you will be devising corporate training materials that take advantage of what tablets have to offer.

Embrace Video

One way to maximize an LMS extension’s capabilities is to increase the use of video. Employees can learn a new process or procedure faster and more efficiently if they watch a demonstration of the task at hand. And with tablets, workers won’t be stuck watching a video in a back office, taking notes and hoping to remember everything that is being taught. Furthermore, front-line employees can shoot a video on how their training is progressing and send that footage back to training managers and other appropriate execs.

How easily do corporate training materials integrate into your current LMS?

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