Employee Learning & How to Increase Employee Productivity

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Automation is not about replacing workers altogether, but rather about the advancements technology can provide to increase employee productivity. The possibilities are endless and include benefits such as: the ability to focus on more rewarding or interesting activities, increasing the collaborative and social dynamics of the workplace, less frustration, an increase in "think time" that allows individuals to learn more and grow, as well as increasing the enjoyment of the oft ballyhooed "work life balance". As with anything new, the fears typically outweigh the realities and the benefits are not always apparent. Anybody remember that brain tumor panic that are certain to happen if you use cellular phones...

Automation, employees and the bottom line

"Though it is often approached with fear, automation doesn’t necessarily mean bad things for employees. Advancements in technology are not always welcome, particularly to a workforce fearing displacement. This is particularly true with the rise of automation, with the threat that companies could outsource labor to machines. And while experts say artificial intelligence and automation can provide a cheaper and better way to solve problems that previously..."


What’s the Real Value of a Great Employee Onboarding Program?

‍As the article below states, "a lot!". So why do so many companies shortchange new employees by delivering antiquated or ineffective training? Probably because that's the way they've always done it, and more importantly, they really don't have a way to measure whether new types of training programs would have better long term impacts on the business. So, unless it's a minor change, training innovation simply doesn't take place.

But now with the advent of mobile technologies, advance "light weight" training solutions, and the ability to measure everything digitally, learning in the corporate environment is advancing at a rapid pace. Even better, the ability for companies to implement new learning methods is far easier than rolling out that LMS solutions many years ago.

"Dave Romero – what’s the real value of a great employee onboarding Program? What’s it worth to your organization to have well-trained, productive employees who love their jobs, stay in them longer and are more likely to mentor future employees? The answer is: a lot! The onboarding process guides new hires from Day 1 to job productivity. The process encompasses learning the knowledge, skills and behaviors (KSB) required for the role and putting them into action. During new hire training, ..."



Centralise Business Operations to Increase Productivity – Five Expert Tips

Many advantages of going paperless are obvious – tremendous cost savings, sustainability, speed of change, easier to distribute, multimedia, and the eradication of the dreaded paper cut. But it could very well be the not so obvious advantages that are the real drivers for companies.

The ability to sequence tasks digitally, incorporate processes with workflows, track and trend performance data, and maintain archival records which are immediately accessible of just about anything should rate high on the list of benefits. While the cost savings of printing and distribution are indeed high, the productivity value to an organization provides the long term benefits and advantages that are driving companies to aggressively move to the paperless world.

"According to Nick Candito, CEO and Co-founder of Progressly, most of today’s companies are in dire need to adapt to a younger workforce, go paperless, and simplify. Many are still running paper-based processes or difficult-to-maintain, on-premise solutions that require technical administrators. It's not just about capturing and storing vast amounts of valuable information. It’s about empowering employees to quickly and effectively find the information they need in the context of their work ..."