Infographic: Unlock the Power & Potential of a Mobile First Strategy

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Clear communication is no doubt a make or break element of business success. The way we communicate with our staff and the thought we put into it defines our relationship to them, and our relationship to our goals and how strongly we want to achieve them. But the issue may not be that you aren't communicating clearly. The question may be HOW you communicate, and what technology you use. The right tools can be a game changer.

Are memos on the bulletin board of the break room hoping everyone sees, or group training for 5 minutes before each shift to stay compliant with the health department? What about the late server who didn't see the memo or experience the training before the shift? If there were a new update to compliance law, you should be absolutely sure that all of your team members know when and how to get the latest updates. The idea of an inspector or an important customer coming into your store or restaurant may make you nervous if your best-laid plans for communication are easy enough to avert. Or what about the updated specs on the new products that just arrived? Do you have a clear and quick way to let ALL of your sales staff know so that they can effectively sell the product and answer customer questions accurately? If you do not, you may already be dealing regularly with upset customers, demotivated team members, and low sales.

Don't get us wrong. You still need a bulletin board and a pre-shift meeting, but those are places to reinforce important information, or maybe tell a joke or list birthdays. It's not the place for staff updates that affect public safety or the careers of your team members.

Is it time for change? Yes, as a matter of fact, times have changed. In the same way that you write more emails these days than sending snail mail (because it's cheaper and faster), and there are incredible advancements in mobility solutions. This innovation makes it possible to break the cycle of frustration that comes with simple communication strategies. Even sending an email to one person or a group is somewhat outdated when dealing with logistics across groups. Don't send an email. Do the new thing; choose the more efficient thing. Curious?

What if your staff could check operational updates anytime throughout their shift and you could verify they saw it? Would that save you time and make you feel more confident and connected to your team? You bet it would. Is your organization growing, perhaps opening up new locations sometime this year? Congrats. That's what we all want; business growth. But are you ready? Do you have a plan for streamlining communication so that operational training and updates can make their full impact? Strategic mobility solutions are already being used by top industry players in food service and retail.

For more ideas on integrating mobility into your organization check out the infographic below and download our guide "6 Actionable Ideas for Driving Employee Enablement Through Mobility."


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