How Video Can Help You Become A High-Impact Learning Organization

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To gain and retain an edge in a business culture that moves at internet speed, your company may decide to become a high-impact learning organization. What this means is that everyone – from executives to front-line employees – embraces and understands the value of training, knowledge, and exploration. Video has emerged over the past few years as an essential corporate training tool, and here’s why:

Video Is Continuous Learning

Delivered on mobile devices, video moves learning out of the training room and into the rest of the world–which is where most learning happens. Instead of being locked into the perception that instruction happens in just one place, mobile video frees your staff to learn wherever they are, including right where they work. This is especially effective for deskless employees who may not have a formal training area.

Video Is Two-Way Communication

Once upon a time, video was a one-way medium that was produced for people downstream to watch. Smartphones have put cameras in the hands of almost everyone and social apps like Instagram and Snapchat have assisted the acceptance of short video responses as a means of two-way communication. Employees can use their mobile devices to record responses that inform managers & execs about the front lines. Management can then turn around and circulate those videos back to the wider staff with their own comments, showing that even the executive staff values feedback and the opportunity to improve performance.

Archiving Is Easy

Inexpensive hard drives and cloud computing make the storage and archiving of video a much easier and affordable exercise than ever before. Your company can keep previous versions of lessons for comparison purposes and review. It is helpful to be able to see what wasn’t working in previous video content before rolling out new training modules for your staff. Archival storage is also a way to preserve footage of subject matter experts relaying their expertise which may not be for everyday use.

Immediate Updates

Unlike paper-based training, video content can be updated for everyone with the click of a mouse. This eliminates another pitfall of paper training, where a location may not receive the update in the mail or may misplace it. Consistency and continuity are hallmarks of efficiency, and when your workforce is all learning from the same video files it maintains uniformity across the enterprise.

Becoming a high-impact learning organization takes everyone’s involvement and commitment. It’s best to start early, but if you can’t do that, then making use of video content can help reach all corners of your company with the least amount of effort. Incorporate video into your organizational learning to elevate your employees’ capabilities and performance.

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