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How Can I Keep My Restaurant Staff Motivated Through The Holidays?

By Carrie McFarland in restaurant training programs on September 29, 2016

All restaurants have their busy periods - weekend nights or Sunday brunch, maybe, or the couple of hours before a baseball game for restaurants near the ballpark. During the holiday season it can seem like every minute of every day is busy. If you're new to owning a restaurant or a new manager of one, here are some ways to help keep your staff inspired over the next few months!

How To Keep The Customer Experience Consistent During The Holidays - And After

By Carrie McFarland in Retail Training on September 28, 2016

We all have our customer experience standards. For some it's Apple or Nordstrom, and others admire Disney. Whoever you regard as the best customer experience, most people agree that the abiding trait among all high-performing service companies is consistency. You predictably know what you're going to get when you walk in the doors.

Theft Prevention Checklist for the 2016 Holiday Season

By Carrie McFarland in Retail Training on September 22, 2016

As the holiday shopping season approaches, retailers will be adding staff to help capture every sale that they can. One of the training challenges when onboarding that much temporary staff is making sure everyone is on the lookout to prevent merchandise loss. One NBC report shows the rate of shoplifting going up from 5-9% during the holiday season. Here are a few training points for you and your employees to help stop theft in your store.

4 Best Practices For Hiring Seasonal Help

By Carrie McFarland in Retail Training on September 21, 2016

It's that time of year – a chill in the air, pumpkin spice everything, and "Help Wanted" signs in storefronts and on job boards. Retail stores staff up for the holidays starting in September, largely because they need to have people hired and trained by November 1st, ready to help when the gift-buying begins in earnest. With that in mind, we've compiled some best practices for hiring and training seasonal help.

Best Practices For Your Field Service & Sales Teams

By Carrie McFarland in mobile content management on September 14, 2016

Remember how much work it used to be to keep your field service & sales teams up-to-date and communicating? If marketing materials were updated while on the road, you'd have to wait to get back to the home office before picking up the new sheets, or at worst, you'd need them sent out to you. (Photocopies of a fax were never acceptable.) Long distance charges were a severe drain on budgets. Area sales in the digital age has the opportunity to be much easier than it used to be - if your team follows these best practices.

Top PlayerLync Features - Our Customers Speak Out!

By Peter McLaughlin in PlayerLync Features on September 13, 2016

We think PlayerLync is one of the best content management systems on the market, but of course we're naturally biased. We reached out to some of our customers and asked them to let us know what their favorite PlayerLync features are. Here's what they had to say!

PlayerLync New Customer Spotlight: Holler & Dash, Rachel's Challenge & Baylor Volleyball

By Peter McLaughlin in New Customer Spotlight on September 8, 2016

At PlayerLync, we're continually humbled by the businesses and organizations who choose us as their content managemt platform. We love helping them streamline communication and achieve excellence, whatever their field, court, or focus. Here are a few of our recent customers and how they're using PlayerLync!

White Label Customizations and API Integrations for PlayerLync

By Carrie McFarland in Inegrations, API's on September 7, 2016

The PlayerLync system is designed to be customizable and integrate with other systems by use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We've done this because despite the security built into our software, we know our customers don't want it to be a "walled garden" and will have use cases where they need to move data into or out of the PlayerLync content system.

5 Tips for Capturing Great Video

By Carrie McFarland in Video Training on August 31, 2016

Video is obviously a huge part of the PlayerLync platform. Watching video content sent by the home office, annotating a clip sent from a co-worker, or taking your own video to send to your marketing VP - these are just a few of the uses we see daily. Not everyone is a videographer, but not everyone needs to be, either. With these tips, you should be able to capture and share watchable video content.

How Video Compression Can Save You Money

By Carrie McFarland in Video Compression on August 30, 2016

We have seen a huge increase in sharing and viewing video content for knowledge transfers over the past five years. Video has fast become the way that millennials prefer to experience training materials.