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How Video Compression Can Save You Money

By Carrie McFarland in Video Compression on August 30, 2016

We have seen a huge increase in sharing and viewing video content for knowledge transfers over the past five years. Video has fast become the way that millennials prefer to experience training materials. 

Top 3 Pain Points of Moving to EMV Chip Cards (And How Your Employees Can Help)

By Carrie McFarland in mobile content management, Retail Training on August 24, 2016

Point-of-sale (POS) systems in the United States are finally getting around to using EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) chip credit cards after many years in use in other countries. The tipping point for most retailers came in late 2015 which was when the major US credit card companies shifted liability for fraudulent magnetic strip transactions to the merchant and their processing company. With the change of technology comes an adjustment to how we pay with our cards. Here are the top three pain points we've seen since the change, and the best way we've found to mitigate them.

Content Management: On-Premise vs. Cloud Hosted

By Bob Paulsen in mobile content management on August 22, 2016

After you determine that you need a mobile content management system (MCM), the next big decision is where to host the data. Most cloud providers (as their name implies) store your files on their servers. Some MCMs are on-premise only, requiring you to own and run the servers and storage. And some content management software lets you decide for yourself where you want to keep your data, on someone else's servers or on your company's equipment. Which is right for you? Let's see…

Solutions for Distributed Team Content Nightmares

By Carrie McFarland in team communication, mobile content management on August 18, 2016

If you have a distributed team, you know that it is challenging to keep everyone on the same page, not just with communication but files as well. There are lots of mobile content management systems out there, but they all have different feature sets, which makes the problem even worse. Here's some tips to helping soothe your distributed team content nightmares.

Simple, Easy, Fast, Mobile Content Management

By Carrie McFarland in mobile content management on August 16, 2016

Some mobile content management systems make things difficult. End-users might need to manually start a file sync, or sometimes will have a problem storing certain file types. They make collaboration almost impossible. File syncs take forever. File management and collaboration shouldn't be like this. Content management should be simple, easy, and fast.

Better Retail Training

By Carrie McFarland in Retail Training on August 10, 2016

One happy drawback of retail success is that you've got a lot of new stores to open, and therefore a lot of employees to train, whether new at the store or backfill for transferred employees. And not just one type of employee, either. There's also senior staff, managers, back of house, etc. A better training system would help keep all of your employees up-to-date on all of the latest information and sales techniques. Let's look at a few ways a better, modern training system can help lower costs and increase on-the-job performance. 

Why Going Mobile With Your Training Is The Way To Go

By Carrie McFarland in mobile training on August 9, 2016

Remember that one high school class that was so boring? It was so difficult to stay awake and you couldn't wait for the bell to ring. Now…think about your current training system. Would *you* want to be sitting in a back office, leafing through a binder or watching some outdated DVD or video? (I'm shaking my head 'no' and I'm just the writer!) Let's take a look at some reasons why you should move out of the back office and onto tablets for training.

Secure File Sharing for the Enterprise

By Carrie McFarland in file sharing options on August 4, 2016

Enterprise organizations who put their documents in a central content management system are very conscious of the security and protection of those documents, especially if that system delivers files to mobile devices. Here we take a look at some of the focus points for enterprise-level organizations looking to implement a secure file sharing system, allowing your company to maintain control while encouraging collaboration.

The (R)evolution of Restaurant Training Programs

By Carrie McFarland in restaurant training programs on August 2, 2016

The history of training restaurant employees - cooks, especially - has long been the head chef or top server taking the time to train the new staff. It doesn't take long to see that this is highly inefficient, having your best people spending their valuable time going over minor details. However, there is a new direction for restaurant training, and it doesn't require your senior staff to repeat themselves over and over. It all starts with an Apple or Windows tablet.

Corporate Training for Millennials

By Carrie McFarland in corporate training materials on July 29, 2016

*Another* article about millennials in the workplace? Even the people jammed into that generational tag are sick of hearing about themselves. However, there is a very real difference between how these "digital natives" expect to learn, compared with previous generations.